Why should you come to Emma Greenhill?

Since launching her label a few years ago Emma Greenhill has been asked, due to her unique and quirky style, to collaborate on a variety of creative projects from scarves and totes designs for the Royal Albert Hall to Christmas cards with a story attached for Modus BPCM – Public Relations Agency.

Emma is a print designer who likes to start off her design process by writing stories, which she illustrates (brings to life) through her print designs. These designs can then be printed on a variety of objects from scarves, plates, cards and cushions to prints for other Fashion and Interior Design Houses.

The design process from consultation to completion takes around six weeks. If you have a short deadline, please discuss with us and we will do our best to meet your time frame.

Emma Greenhill does not provide a manufacturing or printing as part of the service. To discuss your design collaboration further, simply contact the Emma Greenhill.